Friday, April 8, 2011

This is The Life, Treat it Like it's Special

'Life is Art; Art is life'.

Yes, Art is anything but mundane.

So what do we do with
the mundane experience of life? Are we to actively curb it from our lives? Or do we forget about lifestyle and simply put emphasis on the unique experience that's flowing through each of our own lives? I choose the latter, yet sometimes get horrified by domesticity. (Remember: I am a stationary single person who loves adventure)

I happen to be a homeowner, and for the last seven months have been conducting a total renovation project. The project has been very consumptive of patience, attention and financial/emotional investment. Positively, it's been an occasion to utilize a mindset of relativity, and to practice gratitude. Nevertheless, Zen, and an experience of insignificance and the mundane is, very decidedly, a predominant influence on me now.