Friday, April 8, 2011

Get Involved, help fund our NYC show

We are looking for financial backers to help us in funding our fifth Painting in New York event, with five times the publicity - for later this spring. There's been lots of correspondence between all of us, and we have been busy chipping into the plans. Even Dov, who is currently at home in Israel, compiled the catalog for everyone's work. Painting in New York is a grass-roots idea to share our paintings in the best context we can. We are a group of seven artists (plus guests) who have been self-producing our own exhibits since 2004, always in New York City.

Here's where to go: Kickstarter/Painting in New York.
The Target: $6,000 by 5/8/2011 - to realize the following:
The Catalog: a traditionally printed 24 page book
The Curator: Lori Bookstein and Lauren Bakoian!
The Writer: art critic Jennifer Samet, Ph.D
The Forum: We are giving a panel discussion at NYSS.
The Location: a rental in New York City, to be announced
The Promotion: a campaign of drawing postcards, as well as media advertisements

Jennifer Samet's essay, which gives our collective some historical context while contrasting it with the normal ins & outs of the art scene, will be included in the catalog.
Please consider getting involved by making a donation, starting at $5.00!
We are eagerly awaiting this exhibit's reception.

"Washington Square, facing north" by Joren Lindholm
pencil on paper, 2011