Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Did It! Thanks to Everyone for a successful Kickstarter fund for Painting in New York's fifth exhibit!

Over the course of 6 weeks this spring many of you made pledges to our Kickstarter campagin. This is to provide financial support for Painting in New York's 5th show in the past 7 years, which is to be in a Chelsea arts district! All in all there were 54 backers. The funding reached the $6,000 goal early, and continued on to $8,050. We were ecstatic; how fun is that?!

Each and every backer has some combination of the following rewards to look forward to this summer:
signed card of thanks
a card with an original drawing on it
a medium-size original colored drawing
a medium-size watercolor painting
a catalog signed by all the artists with a drawing on inside cover
an oil painting (approx 16x16) by one artist
original cartoon for the video
a collaboration piece by two of the artists: an oil painting (approx 30x30)
(if desired) sponsor's name featured on a card at the opening reception

During the campaign, we gave a talk held for art students and answered their questions at NYSS. I would have participated as a panelist, yet it happened too fast for me to come up.

Tyler Loftis, Dov Talpaz & Chris Protas @ NYSS, March 2011

Many compliments followed the success, and inquiries as well. 'How did you do that?' Brainard Carey from was so impressed that he featured our project in his newsletter to artists.

Again, thank you all the support and feedback. It is wonderful to include you in our fifth exhibit.