Monday, March 15, 2010

Change of Focus for eyemxmatter

Earlier this year I purchased a website. It is under construction to be my professional site. This blog, which has been a host for my painting and related events, will continue as a tie to my handle on the arts. However, I've been going to more art events than I ever have before. So the posts and commentary will be more outward in their scope.

We are always promoting whatever we talk about, yet I would argue that which is highlighted is not always intended to come from a competitive commodity and marketplace aspect (despite that being inescapable). I'd like to focus on other people's work, in addition to my own. I know that what I say about 'artist-xyz' would have a tendency to be more about my view than it is about 'artist-xyz'. So in talking about other people's work, I want to offer building blocks to a shape-giving view of contemporary art-making that could gel given time.

As philosopher Arthur Danto said in 'After the End of Art' (1997).........because - according to his thesis - the narrative of art history in the west was irrevocably completed with Pop in the 60's........ anything, ever since, can - and has accessibly been - art. Because of this ground zero, Danto believes that a platform for large-scale development in the fine arts no longer exists (as much as artists and/or their commercialization may strain for a second-hand notion of it). I tend to agree with Danto on this, and on it nevertheless being good news for everyone's freedom to create. Yet I like shapes. There's something about tangibility. Perhaps, within the humble process of maintaining a blog, I will find and contribute to any tangibility for the art community within this globalized community (and always, inevitably from the point of view of a painter). If nothing else, there will be a reflection of my thoughts staring back at people.