Thursday, April 8, 2010

Next Exhibition - Curated Group Show

It was my pleasure one sunny Saturday afternoon last October to be introduced to quite a number of new faces amongst a DC art-going crowd. Just an hour before I had walked over to Nevin Kelly Gallery, at its then Columbia Heights location, to attend an artist talk for 'Dark Matter', an exhibition of DC artist Ellyn Weiss' most recent work. Before leaving I spoke at length with Thomas Drymon, who a few months later would organize, curate and promote the first in a series of group exhibitions to feature local DC artists. Before Thanksgiving, he gave me a call to ask me if I wanted to be a part of it. I said yes, and through the winter and into spring experienced working with him on very open-minded terms in planning my work selections for the successful group exhibit, 'Only What You Can Carry with You'.

Since premiering at Dupont Circle's Studio Gallery, Tom's venture and first exhibit featuring James Cassell, Peter E. Harper, myself and Zade Ramsey has gotten a great amount of coverage. Ellyn Weiss has written about it for her own blog ( and for the Pink Line Project (; and the show was covered in the Friday art column of the Washington Post. There were hundreds of first-time viewers at the April 2nd Friday opening reception, which fueled profiles for each artist. Below are some photos of my work taken at the opening.

Tom selected four of my paintings, and eight collages for inclusion. The paintings represented my most recent work, which has bold color, starkly contrasting with the subdued appearances of the collages. Among the works on canvas was my most metaphorically layered piece to date, a two-panel, quasi-diptych developed throughout 2009 entitled 'The Traveler and the Travel'. Jessica Dawson, art critic for The Washington Post writes, "Lindholm's disjointed imagery really works. The panels (of the above mentioned) are united in some ways and not in others, mirroring the ambiguities of contemporary life."

Thomas Drymon is a freelance designer, painter and curator, currently based in Washington DC. Tom states that his aim is to showcase for the public work with a developmental and inquisitive nature, and made by artists who have had five years or more out of school. "Three exhibitions are planned each year at traditional and nontraditional spaces and are intended to introduce low to mid-priced works," he says. To learn more about his ideas and catch his second and third exhibitions for 2010, visit To access the original Style section coverage, go to the bottom of this Washington Post article.