Friday, September 28, 2012

Conceptual Work?

A local gallery director has been visiting my studio complex. From what I know about this person, she is quite professional and enthusiastic about engaging with lots of local artists. At some point this year my friend Tom asked the gallerist about what she thought of my work. "It's too conceptual", was the reply. Being a swell colleague, Tom passed that comment along to me.

I found this take on my work to be ironic for me, because to this day I have always been interested in language. When I consider my work, it attempts to fuse ideas with a visual vocabulary. I find other things to be conceptual when I feel that someone has taken an idea and filtered it through a process of some sort, or nothing at all.

Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column once said something about the impact from a piece of work having these 3 dimensions: Head (intellect/pattern); Body (visceral); Soul (emotion). What does it take to be balanced?

Lots of confusion over this feedback was spared because I was able to distinguish her context (probably market-centric) as different from mine: a thinking creative. I appreciate insight into, and to know, what my viewers are thinking.

I strive to please myself in my work.