Monday, October 31, 2011

"A Happy Ending" features 37 artists online

I have just seen the first online visual art exhibition I like.

'Kudos' is what I'd like to say. 'High five!'

If there's going to be a countless amount of them, well then it's nice to have some favor.

D. Beasley
, Curator of Marco Polo arts mag in Atlanta, has just published an exhibition for the literary arts journal. Here is the link.

Scrolling down the page, one finds a single image by each of the 37 artists. In the sore lack of plastic construction in contemporary art, it was a welcome surprise to see
many images that had traces of fine visual tactility. That's aside from a bit of kinkiness in some of the subject matter. I liked the piece Untited, by Jieun Kim: a graphite and ink on Korean paper, which created lovely echos of the feelings I have for Persian miniature painting. The theme of the exhibit is connected to the genius film titan Francois Truffaut. Nice tag! (if titled-related only).

Untitled, by
Jieun Kim