Wednesday, July 27, 2011

D.C. artists get Zoë Charlton

Thanks to Zoë Charlton for visiting my 14th Street studio last week. At the time - we recently bumped into each other at the Hamiltonian Gallery, it had been a good few years since we last had a good talk.

We wasted no time in getting into discussion. We talked about community, teaching and the city of Baltimore, as related to artists and art worlds. I shared things about some of my work that's currently on exhibit with Harmon Arts Lab or in New York City. I also showed her my prints from this past winter. The print below struck her. It happened to be one of my juxtaposition images, in this case, combining construction machinery and sculpture. I think she liked the ambiguity of it. Nevertheless, she referred to it in an email as the 'truck print'.

Joren Lindholm
"While We Sleep"
monotype, 2010, 22" x 30"