Friday, July 8, 2011

Childhood's Influence on Creativity: Harrison & the Studio Neptune blog project

Some artists make their own work refer to their childhood. Some artwork is all about the idea of childhood. Alas, there's academicians who sometimes outline how (great) artists automatically return to the core experience or actual place of childhood. Besides all that, there's plenty of artists who
let their working life roll along with the influence imprinted from their times as a child, consciously or not.

Studio Neptune, an online resource for arts education, is maintaining a blog that features interviews reflecting child experience. Most, is not all of the entries are written by Neptune gallery and studio founder Elyse Harrison. Being an artist and educator, she has numerous artists and creative-types account for their time growing up and its influence on them.

Elyse is miles into this I believe, yet when I first heard her share about her subject I immediately resonated with it. The muse of her work seems to be in the realm of
Gaston Bachelard - a French philosopher and author of certain books, The Poetics of Space and others like it, which you see romantically quoted today in the occasional artist's statement.

Regardless of how people qualify the experience of it for themselves, their early years remain their formative ones. They significantly form one's creative and interpretive response to being in the world. Awareness of this is good. When shared they are of considerable use as well to others in comparative terms.

The blog roll can be found here.