Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Print Sessions - Research Done in Spontaneous Mode (video)

On June 2, 2011, I was filmed by photographer Tara Kocourek at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, MD during one of my mono-type printing sessions.

Tara has an interest in artists, and for some time has been one herself. I was asked to be the subject of her documentary right there and then; I accepted and 15 minutes later the filming began. What resulted is a pointed glimpse of my working methods and state, intertwined with some nice shots of the studio space and material. In this instance I was making a draft version of an image interpreting an urban space that I know.

The filming was followed up by an interview which probed the theme of overcoming artistic ruts (which is supposed to be of local interest in DC?). This is heard in the voice-over.

Many thanks to Tara for the collaboration, and for what she brought to the table; she's very dedicated. Created during Bill Gentile's Backpack Journalism Workshop. Filmed on Canon 5D Mark ii, 24-70mm.

Pressed from tarakfoto on Vimeo.