Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saltz on the Death of the Gallery Show (excerpt)

Taken from - March 30, 2013 

Art critic Jerry Saltz shares some reflection, as well as a few examples, of learning about Fine Art from attending gallery showings, and the recent changes in the business of art concerning them.

"Art doesn’t have to be shown in New York to be validated. That requirement is long gone. Fine. But consider this: At a Chelsea opening, a good Los Angeles dealer chided me for not going to art fairs, not seeing art in L.A. and London, and not keeping track of the activity online. He said I “risked being out of touch with the art world,” and he was right"

"I started thinking it through, and instead of focusing on the “being out of touch” part of what he said, I started thinking about “the art world.” Something clicked and brightened my mood. There is no “the” art world anymore. There have always been many art worlds, overlapping, ebbing around and through one another. Some are seen, others only gleaned, many ignored. “The” art world has become more of a virtual reality than an actual one, useful perhaps for conceptualizing in the abstract but otherwise illusory."

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