Friday, April 12, 2013

SCHIZZO Project begins

I went online to look for scanners today, because I decided to document my sketchbook pages. It hit me like a brick. The dodgy HP thing I have will not do for delicates; lots of things were done by my pencil. Looking at them recently, I concluded "some of these things are valuable, and quite potent, still".

The only things to mention are that: (A) I have kept ongoing sketchbooks since 1992 -- all the way through my art-student days at the New York Studio School of drawing, painting & sculpture to other side of my working man days in D.C.; (B) There's a motive to filter this stuff for material to use for my imagery; (C) I love being an archivist, and I'm the closest thing to an expert on my own story.

Look out for the subject menu bar here saying "Schizzo Project".