Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Painting in New York'

It started somewhere around 2005. I remember hearing the conversation around then, about the idea of an exhibiting group of painters. I was talking to Tyler from from my apartment in Washington DC. He said that the first showing had taken place a year before. Subsequently the name was christened. I was invited to join along with a few others. Three exhibits, tagged Painting in New York, followed. An article in the New York Times, the gutting of an old catering kitchen space, along with visitor counts into the hundreds - these were among the things it yielded in the same Tribeca section of Manhattan. The work of more or less the same seven painters has been the nucleus of it.

The collective features the following artists: Chris Protas, Jason Williamson, Jason Eisner, Tyler Loftis, Mariangela Fremura, Dov Talpaz, Joren Lindholm. Just about all of us met when we were enrolled at The New York Studio School, some ice-age ago. Our intention is to be ourselves, and be seen.

There have been four shows in NYC between 2004 and 2007. The fifth exhibition is intended to feature twice the amount of works from each artist, and be backed by a friendly patron. Conversations are underway to have it organized for winter/spring 2011.

More images by Painting in New York can be seen at their website #1 and website #2.

Here are some photos of the group from the summer, 2010, when Chris Protas and Tyler Loftis joined Dov Talpaz in Italy for Mariangela Fremura's wedding.

Chris Protas and Mariangela Fremura

Dov Talpaz, Tyler Loftis and guest

Chris Protas and Tyler Loftis

Chris Protas and Dov Talpaz

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