Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comment: IA&A Participation

I presented a canvas from my 'helmet head' series. I contextually prefaced it by sharing a bit about the 'New York School' of Art that my work comes out of. Cleary said that she liked my work (they ask the critics to be more objective and specific than to say that - lol); that I should give it more of a finished look; and that I should definitely pronounce the HUMOR in my work more overtly.

There was a good turnout for November 2009. Almost 1/4 of the attendees were just curious local Washingtonians, the rest were DC artists - either presenting their work or observing the others who did. Manon Cleary, the critic, and a smart one, did very well I thought. For more info on DC-based Cleary there was an interview published ( She was quite intent to prepare for what she was to say, such that she looked up all possible websites and materials for each designated presenter before hand. She was able to give all the artists genuine, concrete feedback that was more or less based on the work that they presented. Also, Manon had informed things to say to the figurative painters - obviously coming from her own skill in representational painting that goes way back.