Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wherein the objective of my work is to build a variety of compositions out of abstract structures, my execution negotiates the familiarity of our world with the invention and tactility inherent in the medium.

I'm interested in the use of color for liberating, emotive purposes. I'm interested in visual contrasts of weight and alignment. I'm also interested in inexplicable moments and connections between things. Finding images for me is often through free association. I want my work to flirt with you, coming from awareness of the gaps between reality and what we understand. The subjects of my juxtapositions and depictions are often peculiar without being peculiar.

Looking from, and composing with respect to, the whole visible field has enabled me to follow a path of creating subjects and scenarios within images that are spatially complex. Drawing lends itself along the way to a variety of things like placement, movement and texture, indifferent to where it would otherwise go in the pursuit of finished appearances.

Joren A. Lindholm